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Passionate About Every Drop

Dispensing Solutions is passionate about serving fine wine that tastes exactly as the winemaker intended. We supply technological solutions that protect the characteristics of wine to deliver a consistently high quality experience with every glass. We are committed to advancing the wine industry and wine service in Australia through the discovery, development and delivery of state-of-the-art wine dispensing solutions.


How May We Serve You?

From On Tap to Bottled, Equipment to Consulting, we partner with clients to provide best in class solutions and ongoing support to ensure our products deliver a consistently high quality experience for your customers. We also offer a bespoke range of business services, including importation and logistical consultation for imported wines and other beverages.

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Better For Customers

Dispensing Solutions is Australia’s wine on tap specialists, supplying high quality keg wines to restaurants, bars and select venues. Unlike traditional tapped wine methods, our state of the art On Tap Solutions have been engineered to preserve the characteristics of each varietal - ensuring every glass is as the wine maker intended.


Better For Business

As well as the environmental benefits, our On Tap Solutions are also better for for business, delivering a host of advantages including:

  • Better Margins

  • No Wastage

  • Faster Service

  • Simplified Logistics

  • Unique Point Of Difference 

Introducing TAP. Wines

Dispensing Solutions is the authorised Australian distributor of pioneer wine on tap brand, TAP.


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TAP. is an innovative, sustainable and affordable approach to serving fine wines. TAP. wine is poured directly from reusable premium stainless steel kegs to perfectly preserve the flavour of the wine and reduce wastage.

Serve a superior quality of wine

TAP. serves a selected range of premium imported and local wines that are accessible and affordable. TAP. wines are handpicked for their quality and characteristics to beautifully represent the unique attributes of each varietal.

As the winemaker intended

TAP. protects the wine from exposure to oxygen and seals in freshness to maintain full flavour. By eliminating the bottling process, this technologically-advanced system also protects the wine against any risk of spoilage from cork tainting. From the first glass to the last glass, the wine is perfectly preserved to taste just as the winemaker intended.

With less wastage

TAP. is an affordable and sustainable solution. The reusable stainless steel kegs significantly reduce storage, breakage and wastage associated with glass bottles to cut down on cost and provide an environmentally-friendly alternative. TAP. also eliminates the wastage associated with tired wine left in open bottles, with every drop preserved and ready to be enjoyed.

Contact us to learn more about fitting TAP. into your service.

For more information about TAP. technology and the range of wines, visit their website.



A World Of Flavour

Dispensing Solutions is more than just a passion for wine. It’s a vision and ultimately a portal into a world of exceptional winemakers. Our strong relationships with vineyards around the world allows us to offer a wide range of bottled wines previously unavailable to the Australian market. 


“ This vineyard is on those hills kissed by a breeze that still scents of Adriatic see. Just before that Savio river gets the flat land, 150 m. a.s.l., 24 hectares of calcareous clays, which are perfect to grow up Albana, an indigenous grape variety from which you can obtain a dry white wine or another late harvest one.”



Proudly distributing in Australia



Little Things Done Well

At Dispensing Solutions we believe that great relationships are created by synergy and attention to detail. From wine selection to technical implementation, our wealth of industry knowledge and passion for quality service is a formidable force for your business. 

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Cheers To Bespoke Service

We can work with you to create a bespoke wine solution of your own, while helping reduce your operating costs at the same time. Our services include:

  • Wine Management

  • Wine Storage

  • Wine Selection

  • Personalised Wine

  • Equipment Installation

  • Marketing & Sales Solutions

Contact us if you are interested in a wine solution for your business.



Equiped For Your Business

Dispensing Solutions are suppliers of a complete range of equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. From supply to installation, our strength is our extensive industry knowledge and the use and maintenance of wine dispensing equipment. We provide sales consultancy for single machines to turn-key lines.


Built On Trust And Respect

Managing Director Andrew De Angelis and Sales Director Mathew De Angelis have a passion for the industry with customers at the very foundation.
A business built on a built on trust and respect, Dispensing Solutions combine technology competence and wine knowledge to create products that advance the industry and their client’s businesses.

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